I had the chance to work at the Waterford Crystal Cafe as a coffeesop assistant. I started at 10 am and finished work at 4 pm. My task was serving the food to customers and cleaning up the tables. I helped the team with the dishes and tried to be flexible as possible. The great team at the coffeeshop was incredible and so nice. I'm so thankful that I had the chance to work in such a great team. 



I worked in the childcare center in Waterford. The childcare center is really big. It has about eight different rooms with about 20 children in different ages.


I worked in the baby room with children from 6 months to 2 years.


The staff there was really nice and friendly. Every day I worked from 10 o´clock to 3 or sometimes 4 o´clock. I had my break from 12:30 to 13:00.


Mostly in the baby room there were 10 babies only on Friday 15, it was really busy.

I had to play with the babies, go for a walk outside, feed them or simply keep an eye on them.


Altogether it was a great time and I am grateful for the two exciting weeks there. (Nadine Metzler)


My work placement was in Waterford Cycle Centre. Their new cycling shop opened three months ago in johns town business park Waterford. They specialize in Bike Sales, Bicycle Services, Bike Repairs and Kickr Classes. Besides that, they cater racing Bikes & Mountain Bikes for Kids, Ladies & Gents. Furthermore, they also have a huge selection of Bike Accessories, Bike Helmets, Footwear & an Energy Food Range. During my internship, I had to scan barcodes from all the products onto the cash machine. As well as putting price tags and organizing clothes from sizes up to the brands. I also got the chance to create a template for the information signs about the Bikes. Although I didn’t get the chance to work in an office, I was pleased to work with nice people and have a little more knowledge about Bikes.


I worked at the Spirit Leisure Center at the Treacys Hotel in Waterford. I started at 9 am and finished at 5 pm. My tasks were very veried, so I did pool and jaccuzy tests, learned to create memberships, gave general information if somebody had any questions about the gym and the Leisure Center and did the cleaning of course - the hygiene is very important at the gym.


I had break usually from 11 am to 12 am or from 12 am to 1 pm - therefore the hotel restaurant offered me delicious meals.


I enjoyed my stay there very very much and would like to recommend it to everyone who is interested in sports, speaking and having a funny time.




During our time in Waterford I worked in J and J´s Café. It´s a Café and a self-service restaurant together. The team I had was very friendly and nice. They often gave me tips how I could improve myself. I had to work from 9 o´clock in the morning until 3 o´clock in the afternoon. Firstly I always had to help the staff with the breakfast. My tasks were to bring the customers their tea or café and give them their food they ordered and sometimes I had to wash the dishes. When the customers had finished their meals I had to clean the tables, whip them up and remove the rubbish. If I had nothing to do I spoke with the staff about my free time and how their weekend was. All in all they were very nice and helpful. I´m glad that I was a part of the J and J team.



A usual working day began at 9:00 and ended at 17:00. I worked in the Granary Café in Waterford. It is a really busy Café. The staff was really friendly and I soon felt comfortable.

Usually I worked at the floor. There I had to clean the tables and seat them nicely. I also talked a lot to the costumers. If the Granary wasn’t that busy on the floor they gave me some administration work so I never got bored. All in all, I was really happy with my working placement. But it also was hard work. I always was very tired in the evening. I really enjoyed my stay at the Granary Café.

I worked at Play Together Childcare, near the centre of Waterford.

The team is very friendly and highly qualified. The children were so nice and I appreciated spending my worktime with them.

I worked from 9 o’ clock to 3 o’ clock, my break always was from 12:30 to 13:30.

During my first week there I was in the baby room with children from 6 months to 2 years.

I had to play with the babies, feed them and simply keep an eye on them.

The second week there I spent in another room, where the children are from 2 to 4 years old.

There I also had to watch the children and play with them, but their day was already a little more structured than the one of the babies.


I liked both rooms a lot and the two weeks at the childcare were a great experience.

I’m very thankful for the time there and I can recommend everyone going to Ireland!


During my work placement in Ireland I worked at Play Together Childcare, which is placed in Waterford and offers child centred quality childcare, with experienced and qualified staff, innovative outdoor play areas and play bases, such as a bright and happy environment.


The team at Play Together is highly qualified and dedicated to providing an individual service to each child. They offer quality and flexible childcare and place great emphasis on supporting parents in any way they can.


At my first week I were with children aged from 2 years up to 4 years. It was great fun playing with the children and talk to them. They have a diverse activity programme both inside and outside.  The second week I spend with the younger children, aged up to 2 years. Altogether, the staff and the children were very lovely and polite. I am very grateful for this incredible experience and wish them all the best! Nina



I was responsible to take care of up to 20 kids and play with them.
My typical working day started with playing with the kids. If they needed help with blowing their nose, going to the toilet or something similar I helped them.
After playing for some time the kids got their food and ate it.
Next up I already had lunch break for about half an hour.
In the afternoon it was actually the same as in the morning.
Games we played included jigsaws, reading books, playing with toys and other children’s games.
Some time we also played outside, where they have a kind of a playground. At 3 pm my working day was already over.


In our time in Waterford I worked in a Leisure and Health Centre at the Reception which was in the Woodlands Hotel. My work started every day at 9:00 and I finished at 14:00. My tasks were to check every two hours the PH-value form the pool and the Jacuzzi and write down the data. I also had to check over the course of the day if in the changing room is everything ok otherwise I had to fill up the soap or the towels. Furthermore in the gym I had to hoover. At the reception desk I had to answer calls and give people information about the Leisure Centre but it was not a very stressful job.


During our work placement in Waterford I worked at the Fitzwilton Hotel which is the only 4 star boutique Hotel in the whole city. My workday always started at 9 o’clock and usually ended at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Sometimes I was allowed to go earlier when there were not so many guests. Firstly I always had to help in the restaurant with the breakfast. My task was to ask the guests after their room number and guide them to tables. Furthermore I had to serve them tea or coffee and when people were finished with their breakfast I had to clear the tables, wipe them and reset them with plates, cups and cutlery. At about 11 o’clock I went to the bar café of the hotel. There I had to take orders and serve drinks and food until my shift was over. And when I had nothing to do I talked to staff. They were all very nice to me and whenever I had a problem I could ask them for help. I really enjoyed working there and I am very grateful for this opportunity. 



Clem Jacob Hire


During our stay in Ireland I had the chance to work in a company called Clem Jacob Hire. It is the largest provider of plant, machinery and access equipment hire in Waterford and the south east. I really enjoyed working for the company. 


My typical working day started at about 9 o'clock and I had to work until half past four. I had to do normal office work: file a lot of documents, write and control invoices and shred a lot of documents, about twenty folders.


The people I worked with were very friendly and helpful and most of the time I had something to do.


To sum up it was a great time working for the company. I liked it a lot and gained great experience. I enjoyed my stay there and would like to recommend it to everyone who is interested in making new experience, learning the language and having a funny and unforgettable time.


Selina Demmeler






During our stay in Ireland I had the chance to work in a company called Shellac Nails. It's a small company that exports a special sort of nail polish all over the world. The team consists of a very friendly CEO, two young ladies that work in the office and one representative. I really enjoyed working for the company. 


My typical working day started at about 9 o'clock and I had to work until half past four. My first task was to translate all their documents in German because they ship their goods all over the world and so you can order from Germany and Austria too. Then I had to put all of their products on a french retailer website, which was like amazon. Every day I spent lunchtime with the two young ladies and during the rest of the day they always kept me busy. I really liked being busy all the time because time runs when you have got something to do. 


I think I had one of the best work-placements compared to my classmates: the people I worked with were very very nice, friendly and helpful and most of the time I had something to do. I really liked the whole working environment. When I had finished the computer work they showed me how they pack all the things to guarantee safe shipment of the goods. I was really interest in the things they showed me. Furthermore they informed me about all the different things they need to consider when shipping their goods in countries like French oder Italy. 


To sum up it was a great time working for the company - I liked it a lot and gained great experience. 


I worked at Gerry Kennedy Crash Repairs at the Clearboy Business Park. At the beginning I was sceptical about the placement, because I thought my task would be typical office tasks. But the first day was so awesome that I wasn’t worried about that anymore and the main point of this trip was to improve my English skills. So the reason was that that the owner and the employees treated me over well and asked I question about everything and that leaded to that I speak all the time.
I had to clean the repaired cars inside as well as outside of it and I did have the opportunity to learn more about cars in that that two weeks. Of course I asked them a lot of questions about cars and they were so nice to respond me every time.
Although I did not have the car licence and even start a car, it was a great adventure. I could meet new people and I did several new friends.
At the end I want to thank everyone who has organized this project.


My typical working day here at the Crystal Sports and Leisure Centre is packed with different duties. On the first week I had to paint a room with huge walls. In my opinion that task could be quite important for my future, because it could save me a huge amount of money whenever I have to paint my own walls. Despite of that I had to clean up some gym rooms and the cantine area. On the second week, as the halloween camp was on, I was responsible for 25 kids. I had to create fun days for them by playing tons of games like scocer, basketball, seek and hide ect. This duty was sometimes really stressful due to crying or cheeky kids, but it was really interesting to be like a teacher. And the last two days I spend at the reception. I had to welcome the clients, take their membercard and scan their identity and type in the computer what they are going to do in the gym.  


My Workplacement in Ireland




I worked in a crèche in Waterford. It is called “Little Explorers Montessori Daycare”. The owner is Siobhan Mullane, who is a kindly person. She offers three classrooms “The Little Ones”, “Pre-Montessori” and “Montessori”. In the first classroom, there are the little children from six months to two years. There are three babies, seven toddlers and the teachers, who are looking after the children. The second classroom is for two to three years and only one teacher, who takes care. The last room is for the bigger children, who are from three to four years. In this group the number of children is limited to 15 children. This daycare has something special than the others. It is a Montessori Daycare. The most important thing in the Montessori Education is, that the teachers help children to teach themselves.
However, at the most of the time, I spent my time with the “Little Ones”. I was responsible to play with the children, feed the babies and take a walk with them. I was positively surprised that the teachers teach the little children good manners at this age. It was a great experience to work in a child care.



My work placement was at JJ Kavanaghs. The main office is in Waterford, but I worked in a field office, which was located beyond the city. There they operated the service and the washing of the buses. There also is a small office and a small lost and found department. Documents of the reparation processes are stored there amongst others. It is the place where the several services of the buses are managed.


My tasks included answering the phone, faxing and e-mailing and filing away documents. Unfortunately I had to spend most of my time alone in the office, so I could not get a lot out of this Language Exchange.