February 2016          Possible participants get informed about the project by the students and teacher who took part in last year's project.
April, May 2016 Students are interviewed about their skills, qualifications, interests that might be relevant to find suitable work placements for them.
  Language Xchange Ireland starts searching companies that might be able to employ an intern.
May - July 2016 Our students learn in their regular English classes how  to apply for a job abroad, how to write a CV and letter of application, what the Europass is, how to prepare for and behave at a job interview.
July 2016

All participants meet for a workshop to write their CVs.

July - Oct. 2016

 All students prepare for their stay in Ireland by attending online language courses provided by Language Exchange Ireland.

September and October 2016 All students and the project leader meet several times in order to discuss the final preparations for the projects. The teacher presents a number of assignments they will be working on in the next few weeks (before, during and after their stay in Ireland). Students work on these projects individually and in small groups and present the results in mid November.
October 2016 Language Xchange Ireland informs our students about the companies they will be working for and the families they will be staying with.
21 October  Departure for Ireland.
21 - 23 October
We spend two nights in a Dublin youth hostel and get to know the city by taking part in a walking tour, visiting the Guinness Storehouse and exploring Dublin individually.
23 October Our project partner Con Furey welcomes the students in Ireland and informs them in an orientation meeting about what to do to make their two-week work placement a success for everyone involved in the project. After that, we take the bus to Waterford.
24 October Our students are taken to their host companies, introduced to their mentors and they start their internship.
26 October Social night. All students meet in the evening to discuss their first impressions of their internship
29 October Culture day. 
30 October Students spend the Sunday with their host families.
31 October -  4 November Second week of the internship.
2 November Social night: All students meet up in the evening and spend a nice evening together.
3 - 4 November   All companies are visited by the accompanying teacher to evaluate the work placements. Moreover, students complete a questionnaire to evaluate the project.
5 November Return trip back home.
November 2016 All questionnaires and interviews are evaluated. Students complete the papers they have to write for the project.
November 2016 Results are published on the project website and in the local press.
November 2016 The project and its results are presented to the school's Board of Trustees.
November 2016 The project and its results are presented to a wider audience at the school's open house.