Diary Entries

Saturday, 19th October 2013


We stayed the night in a hostel in Dublin. It was a short night because we had to check out at 9 o´clock in the morning. However, the bus could not pick up our luggage before 12 o´clock and as there was no secure luggage room Mr Erath was watching our luggage while we went shopping in Dublin. After the shopping tour we visited the Guinness Storehouse. There we had a tour and got a lot of interesting information about the most famous beer from Ireland. After the tour we took a bus back to the centre of Dublin. We had another hour to explore the city and discovered several beautiful bridges.


The bus picked us up at 5:30 in the evening and we left Dublin for Kilkenny. Now we were about to meet our host family in a few hours. We were so excited. During the bus ride the tension rose. The meeting took place in a hotel. We got off the bus, took our luggage and walked hesitantly into the hotel lobby. There we looked around us and Michelle from Language Xchange Ireland welcomed us and introduced us to our host families. The host parents took us to their house which will be our home for the next two weeks.



© Anna-Lena Tschütscher, 5DA