A typical day at work

A typical working day at Castle Cabinets


At 8.15 my alarm clock rings, but before I get up I check my emails and read the newspaper on my iPhone. After showering, brushing my teeth and eating breakfast I take my lunch box and go to work. It takes me half an hour to get to my workplace.



At 10 to 10 I arrive at Castle Cabinets. Stefanie and Chiara arrive at the same time, so we can have a little chat. After our talk I greet John with “Good morning, John. How are you today?”, and then I switch on my Sony VAIO notebook.


First of all I find out what’s new on our new Facebook page, and then I check our website. After that I write some emails, make some postings on Facebook and see what else I can do for John.


At 1 o’clock I have my lunch break for one hour and Stefanie and Chiara are always ready to go. So I get my lunch box and my jacket and then we eat our “meals” near Kilkenny Castle.


At 2 p.m. I’m back at my computer. In the afternoon I check the emails, make more Facebook postings, write additional emails and read the news from Austria. :)


After a hard working day I always hope that my host mum will pick me up, if she doesn’t, I have to walk home, which takes about 30 minutes.

At home I get dinner and after dinner I often watch TV or I text my friends and family. Then, at 9.30 PM, I go to bed. :D



© Julius Obernosterer, 5BA